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Deck Assembly

The post, beam, and deck is designed to offer a wide variety of building alternatives.



concrete forms_deck assembly
concrete forms_ deck beam
concrete forms_jack post put into place

The drop head, beam bars, and beams are assembled using standard pins and wedges.

Deck beam fully assembled.

The jack posts are put into place.

concrete forms_deck beam put into location

concrete forms_deck beam assembly in place

concrete forms_deck panel is connected to deck beam

The deck beam assembly is then lifted and put into the desired location.

Deck beam assembly in place and ready for deck panels.

The first deck panel is connected to the deck beam assembly and ledger utilizing the deck slide clamp.

concrete forms_deck panels are in place

concrete forms_adjustable screw

This process is continued until all deck panels are in place.

An adjustable screw is provided to allow for any adjustments needed in the deck.

Once the concrete is placed and at minimum required strength, the deck beam assembly and deck panels can be disassembled, leaving the drop head in place for the required time.


concrete forms manufacturer WTF
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