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International Mass Housing Formwork

Mass Housing Formwork Construction Presentation

Mass Housing Formwork Construction Presentation

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Single Family & Mass Housing

With the demand for well-constructed, affordable housing at an all-time high, WTF International Housing Formwork Systems provide:

  • Lower Material & Labor Costs
  • Speedy Construction
  • Increased Worker Productivity
  • Higher Profits
  • Ease of Use
  • Simple Assembly
  • Strong & Durable Concrete Forms
  • Superior Finished Products

Our International Aluminum Formwork System provides low cost construction and rapid completion of residential or commercial, single or multi-level structures.

  • Aluminum formwork and concrete construction are very cost effective - especially when wood products are scarce.
  • The components needed to produce concrete (cement, sand, gravel and water) are readily available worldwide.
  • Poured concrete has greater strength compared to block construction. The quality of a poured concrete wall made with concrete forms is superior to alternative methods.
  • Aluminum concrete forms are very durable. With proper use and maintenance, they will last for a decade or more.
  • One crew can set formwork for a 60 square meter home in one day.
  • Aluminum concrete forms are a lightweight, hand-set system. The largest component can be handled by one person.
  • With a simple training program, transform your unskilled labor into a highly productive workforce.
  • WTF's International System gives highly flexible configurations for a wide variety of building needs.

Medium-High Rise Housing

For the last several years WTF has been involved with medium and high rise construction in South America and Asia.

One of our design innovations is the Z-Panel. This simplifies the formwork assembly for Bay Windows and other cantilevered features by reducing the number of parts needed. We are constantly developing time-saving solutions to many of the forming challenges of high rise construction.

Our Concrete Formwork Systems allow integration of all structural members (load-bearing walls, columns, beams, decks, stairs) as well as non-structural members (partitions, architectural features).

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